Ancestors told me that their girl was better
She’s richer than Croesus, she’s tougher than leather

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I think sometimes people are scared of the critique. I get it - it’s terrifying when images go online within half an hour. But passing judgement on someone else is a reflection of your own insecurities. We all make mistakes. We all have a fashion faux pas, choose the wrong script, write the wrong song. But it’s only by taking chances and occasionally getting it wrong that we grow.


ppl always ask me “”what are you going to do with your degree”“ and “"if you wanna get a PHD how do you plan on paying for it"" and ""where are you gonna move after college"" but here is the thing:

i am very powerful and cute and im gonna float through this world one day at a time. please leave me alone. 

Why did you never feel pain?

You a l w a y s feel it, Sherlock.

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i’ve been really into lighter lips lately.

youre so gorgeous omg

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Sansa Appreciation Week: Day 1: Favorite quote(s)
                             ”I don’t pray anymore.”

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It is not despair, for despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt.
We do not

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all the white men you love will disappoint you

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tumblr is working for me again after almost a week

yaay im back

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ANOTHER MEME I WON’T FINISH — 3/20 favourite movies

"I love you. Most ardently." - Pride and Prejudice (2005).

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“Just because you fell in love with the river
doesn’t mean you must feed it your bones.”

Jeanann Verlee, “Polyamory, with Knives,” published in Nailed Magazine (via bostonpoetryslam)

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