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I think I am surviving
in all the wrong ways

by ten word poem  (via facina-oris)
Mar 19 @ 9:32 PM
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i’d honestly rather do anything than drive like. i’d prefer riding a fucking dragon around rather than drive in a car. i’d feel safer riding a dragon than i would driving a car. hell i’d feel safer riding a horse than i would driving a car. and horses are terrifying. but i trust them. i trust horses and dragons more than i would ever trust a fucking car

Mar 19 @ 12:39 AM
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Mar 13 @ 10:03 PM
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Mar 13 @ 9:36 PM
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Why Did I Do That?: A novel by me, with special guest appearances by several alcoholic beverages

Mar 08 @ 6:53 PM
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i use the word fuck so excessively i sometimes forget it’s a swear word

Mar 08 @ 5:24 PM
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How to know which boy you like:

1. Get very drunk

2. You will cry about the boy you like

Feb 25 @ 7:23 PM
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Almost. It’s a big word for me. I feel it everywhere. Almost home. Almost happy. Almost changed. Almost, but not quite. Not yet. Soon, maybe.
by Joan Bauer, Almost Home
Feb 07 @ 8:47 PM
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Feb 04 @ 12:17 AM
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If I’m extra sarcastic with you it probably means I’m flirting with you or you really annoy me and I can’t handle your shit

Feb 03 @ 11:58 PM
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Feb 02 @ 11:10 PM
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I am happy. I think I really am. But then I get sad. And sometimes it overwhelms me how sad I can get.
by Maria Joana (via t-i-g-e-r-l-i-l-y)
Feb 02 @ 2:43 PM
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[spins around in chair ominously] i’ve been expecting y- [chair continues to spin] shit [tries to stop spinning] shit [tries to grab at a lamp or table to stop spinning] sHIT [falls out of chair]

Feb 02 @ 1:10 AM