back up, baby, back up

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I don’t like it when they start to make cheap shots at my songwriting. Because there’s no joke to be made there.

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Taylor Swift on the cover of Rolling Stone

“The way she sees it, there’s a gender element to such scrutiny. “I really resent the idea that if a woman writes about her feelings, she has too many feelings,” she says. “And I really resent the ‘Be careful, buddy, she’s going to write a song about you’ angle, because it trivialises what I do. It makes it seem like creating art is something you do as a cheap weapon rather than an artistic process. They can say whatever they want about my personal life because I know what my personal life is, and it involves a lot of TV and cats and girlfriends. But I don’t like it when they start to make cheap shots at my songwriting. Because there’s no joke to be made there.”

Taylor Swift (The Guardian, August 2014) (x)

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november 24th, 2009 / manchester, uk 

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"Looking back on the things that I’ve written songs about and looking back at who you used to be. There was a time in my life where my biggest fear was not fitting in at school. There was a time when my biggest dream was to get asked to the prom by an older guy. It’s hard in that time of your life when everyone is telling you that you’re too young to do everything, but you’re old enough to find love and you’re old enough to get your heart broken. It was the year that I met my best friend Abigail.. I was fifteen."

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"Being fearless isn’t being 100% not fearful, it’s being terrified but you jump anyway."

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I’ve been spending the last eight months thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end.

“It’s like how I’m perceived to be constantly going out with people. I’m just not. It’s like she’s a hopeless romantic so she’s a serial monogamist, always dating. They look at me and think: ‘Oh she has to be in love or she’s not happy.’ It is possible for a woman to be a romantic but also to be single and to be happy. I am single, to be honest being single is one of the best things about my life right now. And whatever people think I actually love it.”

Taylor Swift (x)

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did you forget everything?

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"Life would be boring if it was easy"

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